Possible Reasons Why Is YCWhatsApp Not Installing On Phone?

Possible Reasons Why Is YCWhatsApp Not Installing On Phone?

Here today I am going to discuss one of the major issues related to this application. But before explaining it, it is important for you to understand the term YCWhatsApp actually was given due to some of its features.

There are many possible reasons people mostly have to face difficulty during the time of installing it. Actually, these issues are not from the builder of this application but it is not registered from the play store so during the time of downloading it Android phone can also damage.

Here are the most common possible reasons given below.

  • Without verification and illegal registration factor
  • Incomplete service.
  • Some anonymous error codes
  • Due to various harmful downloads on your android phone.
  • If your phone is old, the latest version of the app cannot manage by it.
  • Due to insufficient space available in your device.
  • Bugs or malware and harmful viruses are also major reasons.
  • The app may be banned or illegal in your country or specific area and due to some other factors.

Is YCwhatsapp a duplicate app?

The answer is no because like other apps it is original and officially approve by Google and software programs. But due to some illegal activities by people, it is banned in some countries. Therefore some local software programmers are making duplicate copies of this application. This application made these programmers fake and useless. So you should avoid such apps made by local programmers.

Actually, for the last couple of years, some people are using this app for the wrong purposes so it has been banned by its country’s government.

But on the worldwide platform, it is legal and its version is original and official. But due to some reasons, it doesn’t work in a few countries and their duplicate apps are decreasing the trust of people in this application.

Why old version lack features?

This is a common thing about every app that after a specific time then there is a need to update its version. Actually, the developers of every app try to improve its performance. So this is very important and improves the quality of work.

But YCwhatsapp sometimes doesn’t require updates because it was developed by a third-party company and its programmers often do mistakes when they try to improve its work. The update option is available in this application but you should yourself try to be aware of its old version because after some time when its new version comes the old version does not work. So you can say that its old version is less useful as compared to a new updated version.


In conclusion, I want to say that this app is completely secure and virus free. But due to some reasons it doesn’t work in few countries so if you live in any such country where it is banned so you should try use some other apps which are good in performance and otherwise you can also use its other version available on Google.


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