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HeyWhatsApp APK Download v21.00 Latest 2023 With advanced feature

HeyWhatsApp which is generally a MOD for messaging and chat. Actually, it was originally developed by YOWhatsApp, which is basically one of the most widely used applications among the people. In this mod app some feature like ycwhatsapp apk. It is an upgraded and official version and you can use it in your kind of android or another smartphone easily after downloading it.

In the beginning, simple Whatsapp was available, which had not had magnificent features. But with the passage of time, many terms and changes occurred in this application. Now, Heywhatsapp is one of the latest and official versions and it is my guarantee that you will find every kind of extra features in this app after using it.

Name HeyWhatsApp
Updated On Today
Version 21.00
Publisher Yo WhatsApp
Size 57.15 MB
Requires Android 5.1 and above
Features Many

The other important thing about this app is that this is third-party developer app so you can’t search it on Play store but you can download it from any other kind of search engines such as chrome, Bing, Google and Tor browser. Many websites are available from there you can download any version of this application easily.

What is Heywhatsapp?

Today, it is much difficult to identify which messaging application is quick, reliable and easy to use. The answer is simple Heywhatsapp is simple and antivirus free app and it has all those characteristics which other apps have not. You can use it to communicate to your friends, family members and also for meeting and in business work. It is modern APK application because it is extraordinary than normal messaging apps and now it has become most popular Among the people in the whole world and its major reason is the trust of people on its service.

Why is Heywhatsapp famous?

Many websites are available on Google and there every kind of messaging application is available. But the question is here which app can give us most brilliant and fast service. This is difficult here to select the one application from the many websites after searching them. The other option is we usually discuss and check the service and rating and reviews about every app and try to get conclusion that which app will be reliable for Android device.

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Here now Heywhatsapp is one the fastest and latest version of messaging app. It has all those qualities and benefits that you are searching on the search engine platform for you android mobile. It is cool and amazing version and you can also register your phone and number and verification you can use it easily without any kind of restrictions. Due to its service and hidden facts it has become famous and popular Among the people.

Advanced Features of Hey WhatsApp

Hey WhatsApp is an official messenger application and it works like other WhatsApp versions but its some features make it unique and amazing in working as compared to other messenger versions. It is made by third party developer and its features are available in description given below.

Active status hidden privacy

There is option available for hiding active status of others. Sometimes, users don’t want that anyone come to know that he/she is watching status. So in this app you can use such option for hidden others status. Your friend and other people cannot know that you have watched their status or not. This is new quality of this application.

Blue tick hidden policy

In every WhatsApp this is compulsory that when anyone reads your message then you see the blue tick as a sign for reading message. But in this app you can use Alexa mode privacy option and with the help of this option you can hide the blue tick policy. After imply this option when someone sends your any message then you can read it and other person remains unaware about this fact that you have read his/her message. This feature is used when users don’t want to communicate with specific people or implies it for those whom they don’t like to chat.

Different style of ticks

One of the most important and new amazing feature in this application is different styles of ticks. By using its additional setting you can set the style, color and font of tick for you WhatsApp conversation. There are many different colors and size of ticks you can use and enjoy such options. Your friends will also be surprised after watching such different color ticks and their style.

Timer for disappearing messages

You can also set timer for coming messages if you are a business worker or busy person and you cannot want to see extra notification for messages then you can use timer for disappearing messages and you can set any time for this privacy and after this time the messages of your sender will be removed automatically from you inbox and same thing also works to your sender and in his/her inbox messages will also disappear. This is unique feature for every working person.

Hide typing and voice recording status

When you type message or sends voice recording message to anyone then other person looks your typing or voice recording status on his/her screen. You can also remove this option and hide this from your receiver by using this application setting.

Secure chat with chat lock

Sometimes users demand extra privacy on WhatsApp and other versions don’t provide such extra privacy policy but this app provides you this extra privacy option and with the help of it you can lock the chat inbox of any specific person. And no one can look your personal chats after opening your WhatsApp account.  

Show your location

When you create your account and after verification you can show your location,, with the help of it anyone can easily look your location and other your information. This option is often used by business working and professional worker who use it for increasing their business range.

Change the size of image profile

You can also change the style and size of profile by using its crop and image effect policy. You can set your profile image in both horizontal and vertical manner.

Hide double tick

When you don’t want to talk with any specific person and you also want that this person couldn’t get idea about this that your are really reading his message then you can also impose this policy and when sender sends you any message then he cannot know that you are reading his chats or not even he cannot get the idea that his messages are really your receiving or not.

Send message and communicate with any unknown number

When any unknown number sends you message then you can chat with him without saving his number and you can also block this number or hide your profile image to any unknown number by using Hey WhatsApp privacy setting.

Copy and download your friends status

When your friends or your known people who are save in your contact list when share their status then you can view their status as well as you can directly download their status (images, videos, songs) in your gallery.

Backup and restore your old data

When due to some unknown reasons your Hey WhatsApp account doesn’t work then you can reinstall it and during the time of registration and verifying account you can restore and backup your previous data and information. This feature also works when you change your mobile then you can also enjoy such option.

Copy anyone’s bio

When you see the account information and bio of your friends and you want to copy anyone’s bio then you can easily copy every kind of information from his account and paste it on your account information.

Notification for new coming messages

You can also receive notifications for new upcoming messages and this thing is useful for busy people and any time even during traveling you can read the message of any person through notification on the front screen of you mobile without entering your WhatsApp account.

Some More Features of HeyWhatsapp

  • Latest Updated version in new color and style.
  • Stable storage system and protects files from damaging.
  • Anti Ban service and can update after specific time.
  • Anti Revoke service is also available.
  • You can also hide active
  • Double tick hidden privacy is also.
  • You can also hide blue ticks.
  • Different way of showing blue ticks.
  • Variety of colors available for the single and double tick.
  • Upload status of 250 words easily.
  • Share status more than 30 seconds to 8 minutes.
  • Copy anyone status and can also it directly in your gallery.
  • Copy anyone bio or other information and about status and you can also use it.
  • Message those people who are not in your contact list without saving his/her number
  • Hide typing status from anyone according to your choice.
  • Hide recording status during chatting time
  • Share audio as well as video upto 100 MB limit size
  • Share Video 50 MB Limit size in some cases
  • Secure chat with chat lock and end to end encryption policy.
  • Secure your chats with App lock by using password and finger print service.
  • Do not disturb mode and quick to use.
  • You can also share your location to your friends.
  • It is free service full application
  • Change App icon and set it as you like and choose
  • Only use it with one number verification
  • Safe from dangerous bugs and viruses
  • Block strange contacts from your contact list
  • Dark and white theme are available
  • Change background by using any kind of image from your gallery
  • You can also send your message through voice recording.
  • Talk with your friends and family by video call.
  • Cheap service of Voice messaging and video call as compared to local call
  • After every month there is option of updating the new version
  • Consume very less storage
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Time setter for disappearing text sms is cool
  • More than 513 people you can add in a group
  • Share group link service is amazing
  • Option to hide profile picture from others and unsaved number
  • Use less amount of internet data for working

What’s new in it?

The app is new and totally different from other messenger application because it is third party developer app so you will find all those amazing features and qualities which a simple app has not.  Status save, freeze online status, hide status and profile picture etc, these are new characteristics of this official version and you can also chat in more than 100 languages.

System requirements:

There are the following system requirements for this latest version.

  • An Android device or Smart phone such as I-phone
  •  minimum storage place at least 50MB for downloading.
  •  One your personal phone number and email for verification of account.
  •  Your device should be protected from every kind of malware and viruses.
  • Google, chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Tor browser are major platforms for its downloading.

Pros and Cons

  • You can download any version of the application directly from the third-party website.
  • You can have the app archives of most versions and you can download them according to your needs.
  • Unlike Play Store, downloading is instant, you don’t have to wait for the review process, etc.
  • After downloading, there is an APK file on your memory card/system memory. So you can uninstall and reinstall them many times without downloading.
  • Downloading apps from third-party sources is not usually checked by Google. So it can be harmful to your phone.
  • APK files may contain viruses that steal data from your phone or damage your phone.
  • Your apps won’t automatically update because they don’t usually have access to the Google Play Store.

Why is Heywhatsapp banned in some countries?

This latest version is the creation of third party developer so play store doesn’t not give permission to such apps. But this official version is available on several websites on Google or chrome. But here is another important reason that this application is totally banned in some countries due to its illegal use by some gamblers and criminals. But in these countries you can download this official version by using VPN and other strong websites. But you can also try some other kind of such apps similar to such version because those countries in which this app is banned so you can use some other ways.

Is Heywhatsapp free from viruses?

The answer is yes!, this is official version and it is specially designed to protect your device from bugs and harmful viruses. You can use it easily and enjoy its service.

How to install APK?

You need the following steps to download.

  • Click on the download button below to download.
  • Wait until the download completes, then open it.
  • Install the app on your android device.
  • Open your data/internet.
  • After installing Hey WhatsApp APK Follow all the instructions given inside.
  • start and enjoy the amazing features of this fantastic app


After discussing the brief description of this application I hope that you will use it and now it has become most popular among the people in the whole world. I am personally using this and my suggestion about it is good and nice version. Its developers are continuously trying to improve further its qualities and services for its users. And the last thing about this application is you can download it and use it according to your own choice.


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