AG WhatsApp APK Download 2023 Latest Version V30

AG WhatsApp APK Download 2023 Latest Version V30

AG WhatsApp is new and official version of WhatsApp social media platform. It is now available on search engine for downloading. This is made by third party developer so if you need guidance about this WhatsApp version then you can also visit our website and can install it. Like other versions its basic purpose is to provide best facility of communication and to entertain the people. The features and services of this app are unique and totally different from other app versions of WhatsApp. You can find all those requirements which you need for your account. This app version has become now popular among the users in the whole world due to its extraordinary policy and performance & functions.

App Name AG Whatsapp APK
Version v30
Last Updated Today
Android Version Requires 4.0 and above
Total Downloads 7,00,000+
App Size 61.30 MB
Developer Yousef Al Basha

Overview AG WhatsApp?

AG WhatsApp is an original and official version of WhatsApp and it is available now for its users and it has all those features and functions which every user demand. The users can easily download and register their account and can use it by implying their privacy policy. You can chat and do audio & video call to each other on this app version.

What’s new in AG WhatsApp?

This app is the creation of third party developer so its features are different from a local app version. A local app version of WhatsApp do not provide extra policy and functions which a user usually desires. You can hide your online status and hide blue as well as double tick. Further, you can also hide view status of others by its policy and all these features make it totally different from others.

Features of AG WhatsApp

Send message to 5 groups or contact number

When you receive some important message or some other notification and you are a government employee or you work in any bank or office. Then this feature is useful for you because at a time when you receive important alert or message from you head or admin then you can share thi message to 5 groups or contact numbers easily.

Ability to add many people through conference call option

This option has added to this app version for working people. If you are boss of any company or you are employee in any company or you are a teacher then this feature is most useful for you because you can add many people at a time through conference call option and in this way you can save your time. This option is most unique and amazing for business sector people.

Option to hide or mute anyone’s status

When you dislike anyone or you don’t want to see some status then you can use this option and you can hide others status easily. You can hide many status at a time easily and ignore such people.

Timer for upcoming messages

If you don’t want to see many messages or you want to ignore messages without deleting them then you can impose this option and with the help of this option you can set a timer for upcoming messages and you can set maximum 24hours then after this policy the new messages have disappeared automatically into your chat box without deleting them.

Some additional features:

  • Hide blue tick & double tick
  • Freeze online status
  • Light and dark theme
  • Change the color style and size of ticks
  • Receive notifications for new messages
  • Block unknown number
  • Easy to chat with unknown contacts without saving their number
  • Removal of your status or story after 24 hours
  • Download and save the status of others
  • Option to delete messages for everyone
  • End to end encryption policy
  • Secure and reliable chat
  • Ability to add 510 contacts in one group
  • Show your profile image to specific contacts
  • Copy anyone’s bio
  • Change the size of profile image in any manner


Can I use more than two accounts on AG WhatsApp?

You can use only one account on AG WhatsApp but you can remove one account and then you can use another account and for this purpose you will use your two personal numbers for verification and registration.

Is AG WhatsApp free of viruses

This app version is totally safe and secure from every kind of viruses. But here one thing you should remember that during downloading your device can be damaged due to some technical issues so you should aware about this fact because third party developers are providing and safe service but you should keep awareness about every manner.

Can anyone steal my data and information on my AG WhatsApp

The privacy of this app version is strong and no one can steal your data and information from your account. It needs complete verification and registration then after all procedure this app allows you to create account otherwise you cannot use it.


AG WhatsApp is one of the major platform and you can use it comfortably. If you have any question about this version them you can also visit on our website and download it. Its users are now in millions and its developers are increasing the efficiency of this pp and improving app’s working and privacy. You should try this app version at once.


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