Adam WhatsApp APK Download Android Latest Version 2023

Adam WhatsApp APK Download Android Latest Version 2023

Adam WhatsApp is an official and original version of WhatsApp application. This is new updated version and it works like other social media apps but some features make it totally different and extraordinary than others. The basic purpose of this app version is to entertain and engage the multiple people from several areas on this platform. This is made by third party developer and it is available on every search engine and you can also visit our website and from there you can also download it after your satisfaction and clarification.

App Name Adam Whatsapp APK
Version 9.45
Last Updated Today
Android Version Requires 4.0 and above
Total Downloads 70,000+
App Size 44.78 MB
Developer Yousef Al Basha

What is Adam WhatsApp?

Adam WhatsApp is one of the major source of social media platform and original version of WhatsApp app. It works like other versions but some of its features and services are most unique and amazing which the every user demand. Its privacy policy is different and much strong and you can also enjoy its service and it fulfills all the requirements of users therefore it is most popular and famous among the users in the whole world.

Why use Adam WhatsApp?

Actually, this app version is made by third party developer and its features make it most secure and reliable app for users. Many other versions of WhatsApp do not provide new and extra features therefore users often demand new and updated qualities and features which are according to their desire and requirements. You can use hide online status policy and hide the view status of others by using Adam WhatsApp Alexa mode setting. Even on this platform you can also freeze your online status from others and hide blue ticks.

Major features of Adam WhatsApp

Alert for new upcoming messages through notification

Many people often busy in their life and they cannot use messenger application properly due to the shortage of time. This option is especially for those people. On this app version you can set such policy and after this you will receive notifications for every new upcoming messages. This is new and extra privacy option has added by its developer for new users.

Ability to save videos and images directly into your gallery

When you see the status of your friends then sometimes you want to save them. This is possible on this app when you see the status then it is possible to save videos and images into your gallery and then after you can also watch them again and share with other people.

Block the unknown number

Like other software social media apps here there is an option available for its users and with the help of it you can block any strange or unknown number easily.

Automatically update version

This app version is made by third party developer and its developers are continuously improving its performance and functions. After the end of every month this version updates automatically and some more additional new features and services have added by their developers. This is useful and interesting for its users.

Restore and backup previous data and information

When you change your mobile device or die to some reasons you reinstall the other version and you use Adam WhatsApp. Then there is option available for you that you can easily restore and backup your previous data and this feature is most amazing for business related persons and especially students and by verification and after registration your email account you can get your previous chats and other information easily.

Share your emotions with emoji and stickers

When you chat with your friends then you can also express your feelings with them by sharing emoji and stickers. This is most interesting option because it is easy method a person has mixture of different feelings and by sharing any kind of emoji and stickers he can express his sorrow, happiness, and other feelings and emotions.

 Option to communicate with others by audio and video call

This is most cheaper source of communication not only for chatting but you can also engage with others by calling them and you can also do video call to each other. This most interesting service for its users.

Hide typing and audio recording message

When you chat with anyone then you can also impose this privacy by using its additional setting and with the help of it you can also hide your typing and voice recording status from others. This is really cool feature for every user. Further, you can use this policy in the case of freeze online status and hide view status of others.

End-to-end encryption policy:

This app version has end to end encryption policy which means that you and your receiver can only read your messages and no other can watch and read these chats. Even the developers pf this version don’t allow to watch your account information. This is totally safe and reliable for every user. Users can use it with great trust.

Extra features of Adam WhatsApp

  • Group chats for community or multiple individuals
  • Change the color and size of ticks
  • Hide blue as well as double tick
  • Send your messages in the form of voice
  • Mention your friends in the group chat easily
  • Pin the especial chats of specific contacts
  • Archived some personal chats
  • You can also lock your account
  • Lock any person chat by creating password and finger print privacy
  • Change the background of your account
  • Change the size of profile picture
  • Add maximum 200 characters for group description
  • Set timer for any kind of chats

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Can I use Adam WhatsApp in my PC or laptop?

There is an option available for this purpose. Firstly you scan WhatsApp QR code and then you can click the allow option then finally you can use it in your laptop.

Can my device damage during installing this app version?

This app version is made by third party developer and it is totally safe and reliable from every issue. But remember that it is your responsibility because due to some technical issues your device may be damage. So you should aware about this fact.

Is Adam WhatsApp safe from viruses?

This WhatsApp is safe from every kind of bugs, viruses and malwares. You can easily download it from any search engine and you can also download it from our website and use it.

Can I use Adam WhatsApp without verification and registration?

Like other versions of WhatsApp, its privacy policy is much strong and it needs your personal number and email account for verification and registration during the time of account formation. Without verification and registration you cannot use it because the developers of this app keep everything unique and they don’t take risk on the security of their users.


Adam WhatsApp is one of the most useful app version and it works according to the demands and requirements of their users. Its developers are further increasing the efficiency of this app and improving its working and functions. It’s privacy policy is not weak and this is especially useful for entertainment and communication purposes. Even you can also visit our website and can get more information about this app version and after clarification you can use it. Its users are now in millions in the whole world.


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